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The Place Where the Funny Ends

...and the supid begins

Patrick Tierney
13 January
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I am a hick from the mountains, not to be confused with a redneck. These are two entirly different things. A redneck is usually associated with the SouthEast such as Alabama, Mississippi, and others and usually is characterized by dirty clothing and a double barrel shot gun. Hicks on the other hand are the ones who live by themselves in unibomber style shacks in the midle of nowhere. These people are usually characterized by a lack of technology, society, and comunity or lack of access there of.

I moved down to San Clemente, putting me extremely out of place because, lets face it, jumping from cold and snow to hot and ocean goes about as well as introducing a cat to water by way of tossing it in the tub. You end up with a mess and a pissed of mamal. But then again the friends I gained were enough to keep myself from going into a depressive state (aww, look at me, I'm starting to sound like a prime time special).

I am one of those crazy cross country guys that runs three miles every race and six miles every practice. You wanna know why I do it? So do I, Ya figure it out ya let me know. I also do mock trial but I do not speak of it because the leperchans are listening.