The conversation is back!

Everybody try this!  It is amazing and fantastic at the same time.  It brings back memories of the old america online chat rooms except it's one on one and you have a good chance of having an actual conversation.

What it is is the site randomly pairs you up with a stranger who will remain anonymous--as do you--and you just talk.  I talked to an airline mechanic-- from BRAZIL!

Although most of the time you say hi and the other person bails but that doesn't make you a depressingly boring person:)

Note:  Also?  The web comic is kind of fantastic because it had a strip about the higgs bouson particle.
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Got any other questions?

Dear Patrick,

We are pleased to report that you have met the graduation writing assessment requirement of the CSU system by having passed the CSULB Writing Proficiency Examination (WPE) on February 21, 2009.

Each essay is read by three faculty members trained in the holistic scoring method. Essay readers also go through an additional training session, based on the assigned topic, on the morning of the essay reading. The scoring scale is from 0 to 6, with 6 being the highest. On your essay you received 18 points. You must attain a score of 11 out of 18 points to pass the WPE.

Please print a copy of this email and keep it with your academic records.


Dr. Susan S. Platt, Ph.D.
Director, Testing and Evaluation Services

Oh so that's why you had to block my registration, so I could get pass your stupid exam with flying colors.

...and you questioned my ability to write English, how insulting.

Edit: Ha, I made a spelling mistake.  I guess my English comes into question yet again.
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Editing brings out the worst in your work

I've been going back through every page, revising it as it were.  I hit one hundred a lot earlier than I expected and then I found out why...

...I numbered the pages wrong.  I don't just have 303 pages, I have more like 350-375.

That may sound like an accomplishment but I was planning on having this edited by the end of the month and taking on extra pages hurts.

--In other news, I pounded my head against my keyboard for an hour.
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I wonder if there's a heaven for ideas?

You know that little tiny book of paper you can slip in your back pocket and whip it out to write in when you have an idea? I was skeptical at first at buying one because in the past when I had written down things and gone back later to read them I thought I was retarded. Then I gave in and actually got one. It was brilliant, although there was still the inevitable "I'm dumb" comment, it mostly held a chronical of worthy ideas.

Yesterday I was sitting in the mall, and I wanted to reference an idea I had writtien down. After feeling around my butt for a few awkward seconds I realized I had left it in my other pair of pants. Then I realized that those other pants had been, earlier that afternoon, placed in the washing machine. When I returned home that evening I went straight to the machine to find that not only had I left my book in the pocket, not only had I also left a CostCo paycheck in that pocket, but now instead of paper, the pocket was filled with a mulch like substance.

(I might've been willing to trade away the value of that check for those ideas back.)
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And you people wonder why I don't cut my hair

So I just got a $50 dollar hair cut and it wasn't because it was phenominally spectacular.

This afternoon I remembered that everyone had been asking:

"So Patrick when are you going to cut your hair?"

...When you sneeze bats out your nose tosser, mind your buisness.

But with frequency comes annoyance so out of pure... Okay it had become a jungle on top of my head and I needed to find the two expeditions that had ventured in and not returned.

I decided that I wouldn't go uber cheap (like Popeye's which is literally $8) because I kinda wanted my hair longer and kept in a nice style (I'm not gay, I'm required to keep it long because if I buzz it I'll have my kidneys surgicly removed and then slapped with them).

I go to a place that my step sister had taken me before because they seemed professional. When I got in the door I noticed the hair stylist... singular... as in I had no choice, this woman was going to cut my hair. We went through the motions (wow you have really thick hair... and a lot of it) and the pleasant small talk (Do you surf? Get bent, I snowboard) and everything seemed just fine. She finishes and since my hair was still rather damp I couldn't see the true aperance. I pay her $19 ($17 and $2 because if you don't tip your barber your cursed with iritable bowl syndrom) and head home bound to find some hair gel and get this hair doo proper.

I dig in the cabinent and find a tub of gunk, run it through my hair and realize this:


No joke, I could make a freakin pony tail out of all the junk she didn't cut off the right side of my head. I could only guess she was planning that I'd have a stroke and not be able to see out of my right eye thus ensuring that everything would be fine. I promptly decide that taking a shaver to my head would be favorable to walking in the general vacinity of people that have the ability to point and laugh.

My family disagrees with me.

They tell me that I must get it snipped by a professional to which I tell them wank off, I just went to one and her profession must have been assasination. They soon manipulate me into going to a salon which is populated exclussivly by women. After sitting uncomfortably for a bit someone comes out to help me. I sit down in her chair and she proceeds to tell me everything the other woman did wrong. I know it was meant to help but after paying someone near twenty dollars you don't like hearing how you were ripped off.

I finish up. It's not pretty but it's also not a the beach scene from Saving Private Ryan on the top of my head. So I begrudgingly head to the register where they ring me for a pretty $30 and I hand over two dollars of tip because A) Curse and B) That's all I had in the way of monitary value. I suppose I could cut off my bollocs and put them in a brown bag but I don't think she could trade those for much these days, what with inflation and all.
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I in pie

My Halloween costume

I got a pair of jeans, a polo, and a "Hello, my name is" name tag. I wrote TED (from accounting) and then I went to creative writing class, then I went home and slept.

That was my Halloween...

...oh and I made a raiding party made of little kids and proceeded to enslave my neighborhood with vicious cuteness. Unfortunatly I can't maintain the empire cause the kids all have bed times.

This is how Julius must have felt.
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Wow I didn't think this would ever happen...

I must see the new Star Trek movie.

You truely don't understand.

This isn't a treckie thing...

Not even a geek thing... (well kinda is)...

But the man who has been officially cast to play Scotty is...

...Simon Pegg... I'll let that sink in...




...It better have sunk in because realize this, Simon Pegg is a huge Star Wars fan. I think one of his fans counted he owns six replica light sabers. So when this movie comes out I fully expect the universe to not know what to do with itself and bugger off for some red bull and a scone...

...Also? Spock is Sylar. Poor Mohinder.
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Michael Bay gets a plus twelve to idiot

Update: I have a class called film symposium. Yeah, baisiclly you sit down and watch recent movies. Tonight? The recent movie was the very popular Transformers.

Okay so I thought it wouldn't be the best movie. I mean so many nerds that I knew liked it and raved about it. My brother the wannabe nerd was like:

"Transformers is awesome. You should see it... and Die Hard 4 and The Simpsons movie... cause they're awesome"

So the lights dim and the thing I get right off the bat is that they're trying to hide a really crappy plot line with humor. That was the only reason they hired Shia Labouf to be the main person. Women out there, is Shia really that attractive? Like leading male role in a summer blockbuster attractive?

But like the plot is pretty simple for a while:

-Guy wants girl
-Guy thinks car get girl
-Guy gets car
-Car turns into alien space robot

And then suddenly Hollywood lost the plot. Like whichever PA was carrying it to its trailer must have dropped it or something. But there were some funny bits... that I don't think Michael Bay intended for this movie.

1. Theres this robot thats trying to hack a computer on Air Force One... except when he's at the computer terminal, it looks like he is fornicating with the computer. Whoever here has read penny-arcade will understand when I say this... it looked like the Fruit F&*%er.

2. The ending scene where Optimus is delivering his monologue... it was just boring at first. Then you see Shia and the leading lady making out on the car hood. The camera quickly pulls back to reveal them kissing on the hood, on a hillside, where Optimus Prime is watching. I almost died of laughter and the college film geeks next to me didn't know what to do...

There was so much more wrong with that movie but its hard enough for me to actually post in the first place (which shows you how awesomely bad this film is)... to keep on writing when I want to go to bed is unkind.
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